Online Viewing Rooms

A new way to present artworks & exhibitions to collectors and art enthusiasts.

viewing room

Visitors can make inquiries on individual works and you will receive it by email to follow up with the inquirer directly.

To enter, visitors can identify and subscribe to your newsletter (Pro only). Their contact details will be automatically added to your Mailchimp® audience and in your contacts in nil database.

Customised appearance (logo, font, color, footer), identification form & Mailchimp® integration available with the Pro Plan*
*the layout is not customizable.

User guide

Set up inquiries preferences

Visitors can make inquiries on individual work using a contact button, so you need to configure the recipient & reply to email addresses, and the subject & body of the confirmation email.
Go to Account administration → Settings and scroll all the way down to Viewing rooms inquiries emails preferences and click on the [Change] button.


How to create a Viewing Room?

Locate the Viewing rooms tab from an Exhibition or a Group. Click on the [create] button, tick/untick the Artworks & Editions options you want to display.
Enter an End date if you want the link to expire. In Blurb, enter a short introduction. Tick the Press release box if you want the press release you have pasted under Details to be displayed. Save to generate a secured link that you can share via email, on your website or on your newsletter.

create a viewing room

Emphasize the text of a press release or a blurb

You can add italic, bold and links in the press release. Use the following markdowns to style your text.

*italic* = italic
**bold** = bold
[Link]( = Link


Set up Viewing Rooms identification (Pro only)

For each Viewing Room, you can decide if people need to identify to enter the room by providing their name & email address, and allowing them to subscribe to your newsletter automatically if you have a Mailchimp® account. Without a Mailchimp® account, you can receive notifications and subscribe them manually.

Go to Account administration → Settings and scroll all the way down to Viewing rooms identification and click on the [Change] button. Contact support for further assistance.


Exhibition Viewing Room
Basic Template

basic layout


Can I change the Viewing Rooms appearance?

Yes, with Pro, you can have your logo, change the font, the font weight and the color of the background and texts. The layout is not customizable. Please contact us for further information.

Where Can I create a Viewing Room?

You can create Viewing Rooms from an exhibition, an offer or a group. Locate the Viewing rooms tab and click on [create].

How many Viewing Rooms can I create?

You can create as many Viewing Rooms as you wish from Exhibitions, Offers and Groups.

Can I display more than one image per work?

Yes. All the images marked as "include in export" are displayed. The dots at the bottom of the image indicate how many slides are in the carousel.

Can I show / hide the retail prices and availability?

Yes. Tick or untick the options below Editions options.

How do I add installation views?

From an exhibition, go to the "Inst. Views" tab and click on [upload multiple images] and tick "include in export" next to the image you want to include. They will be automatically displayed on a slideshow on top.

Do visitors receive a confirmation email when they send an inquiry?

Yes, visitors will receive a confirmation email that their request has been submitted successfully. The email also contains the details of the work they have inquired (without the price).

What's included in the inquiry email?

When visitors make an inquiry, you will receive a notification email with their name & email address, the details of the work, and the price they have seen.

I didn’t receive the inquiry email from a client.

Despite all our efforts, it can land in your Spams folder. Make sure you add support[at]nil- to your contacts to avoid it.

What happens when visitors subscribe to my newsletter from an Inquiry form?

Two options: if you have a Mailchimp® account, their contact details will be automatically added to your Mailchimp audience. Their contact will be tagged with viewing room and the source nil database. If you don't have Mailchimp®, you receive a notification via email to add them manually.

Why asking visitors for their personal information use consent?

Processing personal data is generally prohibited (at least in the EU), unless it is expressly allowed by law, or the data subject has consented to the processing. This means people must be able to refuse consent without detriment, and must be able to withdraw consent easily at any time. See the General Data Protection Regulation website for further details.

Can it be linked to my Contacts in nil?

Yes, visitors contacts will be automatically added to your Contacts in nil with their artist's interest and the category Viewing Room so you can easily identify and find them.