Discover our main features

Store information for artworks including exhibition history, literature, crating and technical details, price history, and locations. Manage production costs and create condition reports. Upload multiple images at once and share it in 1-click. Export and print PDF summaries, checklists and certificates.

Quickly search your inventory with advanced details including tags, medium, price range, category, locations, notes and more. Sort your inventory using multiple criteria such as artists, titles, dimensions, dates, prices and category.


Organise your contacts and keep track of all transactions including offers and sales history. Create groups of contacts and print labels. Search per Name, Company, Email, City, Country, Type, Category and Interest. Import/Export contacts (Vcard).

Create offers, sales and invoices. Choose a currency, apply automatic tax rates 1 discount, add extra items in invoices. Keep track of payments and generate reports. Create off the record sales. Export/Print offers and invoices. Search per artist, invoicee, paid or unpaid.


Create consignments and keep track of ongoing and expired consignments. Store special consignment price. Upload your signature once and it will automatically appear on the PDF. Export reports and sync dates with your calendar.

Other great features include

Manage your production costs.

List all your production costs and they will appear under editions, consignments and invoices. Add multiple editions in one production cost. Enter amount including and excluding taxes. Upload supplier's invoice for record. Export reports.


Issue shipping documents.

Create in & out shipments. Manage shippers, tracking numbers, shipping and delivery dates. Print shipping labels, lists, Pro Forma and release forms. Update locations in 1-click. Search per Sender, Recipient, Shipper and Dates.


Groups tab for all your day-to-day admin.

Create groups of multiple editions and generate documents such as Excel list, portfolios, price lists, release form and shipping labels. Create groups of contacts and print address labels. Add multiple images in a group and share it with one-click. Sync the groups you want with our IPhone/IPad app.


Send documents or images by email.

Export documents and email it directly from nil database in 1-click. Create a group of images and share it via email or with a link. Your clients will receive a beautiful email to download it with thumbnails, captions and credits. Keep track of everything you have sent from nil including if the email you have sent has been opened or the images downloaded.


Background and themes for your PDFs.

We do not customise PDFs. But you can use your own font and upload a PDF theme or a logo. If your gallery needs additional themes subscribe to an ENTERPRISE account.

credit-card Easy payment

Securely enter your credit card details in your nil account and you will be charged automatically each month. Invoices are sent by email. Check your balance directly from your nil account.

chat Help us meet your requirements

We work closely with our clients and we listen to what you say. We will take in consideration your suggestions and if they can benefit to other users we will develop it.

globe We work with clients all over the globe

Our clients are based everywhere, from Europe, to US and Canada, Latin America and the Middle East. We offer a large range of currencies and we can handle special characters.

support Access anywhere

Access nil from any devices connected to the internet (computers, laptops, IPad & IPhone). Download our App from the App Store for offline access of groups you sync.

mail Online support

We offer email support. Drop us a line and we will get back to you within less than 24 hours. We get notifications for each error and always make efforts to fix it asap.

locked Fully secured

The connections between your browser and our servers are encrypted and authenticated using TLS. Additionally, you can activate the OTP (One Time Password) option for even more protection.

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